Zulu Master Edition

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Create mixes of your favorite songs with this complete DJ app


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Zulu Master Edition is a must-have tool for all those who enjoy being the DJ of the party or anyone who has started to poke around the interesting and complex world of musical mixes.

This complete mixing table more than meets all the needs that any type of user may have. Amateurs will find it easy to structure and play their playlists, and those who are looking for a more professional music experience can use the two work stations to perform more complex editing processes such as adding effects, modifying the tone and timbre or creating loops, among many other features that are just as interesting.

One of the features that stands out the most, and that is pretty useful, is that you can automatically detect the beats of any song. This feature will make the mixing process much easier because it lets you match the speed of the songs and optimize their compatibility by doing so.